Scaffolding Safety Inspection Service in London

What Does Scaffolding Safety Inspection Involve?
Scaffolding safety inspection is required before using any scaffold and to ensure it is safe and suitable for the intended job. We ensure platforms are fully boarded and wide enough for the work and for access (usually at least 600 mm wide), check that scaffold boards are properly supported and not overhanging excessively e.g. no more than four times the thickness of the board, ensure there is safe access onto the work platforms, preferably from a staircase or ladder tower, check that loading bays are fitted with fall protection, preferably gates, which can be safely moved in and out of position to place materials on the platform, and make sure the scaffold is suitable for the task before it is used and checked whenever it is substantially altered or adversely affected, eg by high winds.

Our scaffolders are experts when it comes to scaffolding safety inspection and can inspect all types of scaffolding and supply reports and certificates.

How we go about this:
  • Inspecting the entire scaffold to ensure everything is correct and to safe standard
  • Making a detailed report of the safety inspection
  • Supplying a certificate that’s lets contractors know the scaffold is safe and ready to use
Scaffolding Safety Inspection in London

Scaffolding Safety Inspection For Domestic, Residential & Commercial Sectors

No Matter What Sector You Require Work In We Have Got You Covered
Maddison Scaffolding is a professional scaffolding company with highly experienced and fully qualified scaffolders, and provides a complete solution for all of your scaffolding requirements in domestic, residential and commercial sectors.

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