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Minimising Disruption to the Environment
Maddison Scaffolding are fully aware that our operations and those of the construction industry in general can have a negative impact on the environment we live and work in such as waste, noise, pollution, and also wildlife and habitats.

Our company aims to maintain a balance between fulfilling our client’s requirements, ensuring the safety of the public and our operatives whilst protecting the environment.

We are committed to reducing any negative impact our operations may cause and make this part of our procedures to provide the necessary training to all operatives so they understand the importance whilst carrying out their day-to-day duties.

In carrying works we will aim to:
  • Utilise all necessary resources as efficiently as possible
  • Reduce waste, noise and pollution (negative emissions)
  • Promote material recycling and waste management
  • Encourage energy conservation wherever possible
  • Adhere to all environmental legislative practices and regulations
  • Carry out regular staff training to ensure our environmental policy is fully understood and complied with at all times
With all this combined, we can offer our clients with a complete package, one that has a cost effective pricing structure, along with high standards of work, whilst taking the environment in to consideration.
Environmental Statement

Wildlife & Habitats

Consideration to Local Wildlife & Habitats
We always try our best and take careful consideration of all wildlife and habitats that may be affected by our work.

To protect nesting birds, their eggs, and bats, we first make sure there are no signs of this before erecting scaffolding. To cut down on noise pollution we use hand wrenches instead of impact drills where possible.

Our company and all teams abide by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and adhere to the guidelines stated in the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 (CRoW).

Waste, Noise & Pollution

Consideration for Waste, Noise & Pollution
As scaffolders we do not produce any significant amount of waste but we do try to reduce any waste where possible. We achieve this by reusing all materials and such as tubing, scaffold boards and clips.

To reduce noise we try to use hand wrenches where possible instead of impact drills and other noisy equipment.

Once the job is complete we tidy up thoroughly to ensure we pick up all lose materials left while carrying out works.

We are also fully licensed to carry and dispose of building waste and hold a valid waste carriers licence which can be viewed below.

Aims & Targets

Our Aims & Targets to Reduce Our Impact on the Enviroment
Over the next few years we plan to get all our trucks with the latest low emissions and change any petrol power tools to electric.
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