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Planning & Design

Scaffold design is an important part of any project and is the first step before work commences. We are experts in the planning and design of scaffolding systems and plan in accordance with (NASC) safety standards.
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Erection & Dismantling

Thinking of having scaffolding installed on your property? Our highly experienced scaffolding erectors can erect and dismantle all types of scaffolding systems safely and efficiently with minimal disruption.
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Scaffold Tower Erectors

Need a scaffolding tower setup for external works? Our scaffolding experts can erect scaffold towers with a range of features including staged boarding, lifting, rubbish chutes and additional safety features.
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Temporary Roofing

Temporary roofing is usually required for roofing and loft conversion works where the entire or part of the structure needs altering or replacing. We can install temporary roofing with steel sheeting and monarflex protection.
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Inside & Formwork

Scaffolding formwork, also known as shuttering, is a temporary construction used as a mould for things like columns, beams, staircases, and slabs for concreting. We are well versed in the installation of all types of scaffold formwork.
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Scaffold Staircases

The need for staircase structures depends on your project’s requirements. We can supply and install traditional tube and fitting staircases with non-slip treads, to system staircases including CUPLOK, LAYHER and HAKI.
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Birdcage Scaffolding

Birdcage scaffolding is often required for high level access inside of buildings and can be used for works on ceiling and walls. Our scaffolders can install birdcage systems in various panel sizes and heights for safe and easy access.
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Scaffold Loading Bays

A loading bay is designed for the purpose of moving and storing heavy materials such as bricks, blocks and cement and is generally required on new builds in construction. We offer load baring platforms & safety gate installation.
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Scaffold Hoist Setup

Do you need require a hoist or lifting equipment setup on your scaffolding? We can install and setup hoists and lifting equipment for use on a range of scaffolding systems and to best suit your project and requirements.
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Rubbish Chute Installation

A scaffold rubbish chute is temporary structure used to facilitate the removal of construction waste, rubbish, and debris from elevated areas safely and efficiently. We can install rubbish chutes on all types of scaffolding.
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Kee Klamp Installation

Kee klamp is a structural pipe fitting that is designed to quickly erect guardrails, handrails, and other types of safety barriers. We Install kee klamp on all types of buildings and commercial settings to your specifications.
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Safety Inspection

HSE states that all scaffolding must be inspected by a trained and competent person with experience that is appropriate for the type and complexity of the scaffold in question. We supply inspection reports and certificates.
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Emergency Scaffolding

Maddison scaffolding are on hand 24-hours a day to tackle scaffolding emergencies and can provide support and assistance for whatever problems you are facing. From adverse weather conditions to unsafe buildings we can help.
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