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Emergency Scaffolding Service in London

What Does Emergency Scaffolding Involve?
Emergency scaffolding is the rapid provision of scaffolding for unexpected situations, typically damage that has occurred on buildings or structures and deemed repair work necessary. Scaffolding provides the necessary temporary support and access for the subsequent work which is undertaken on the damaged structure.
Damage may be caused by weather conditions, such as high winds, age of the building or structure, design fault and failure, or fire, amongst other things.

Our scaffolders are experts and have lots of experience when it comes to emergency scaffolding, and are available 24/7 for all emergencies.

How we go about this:
  • Assessing the situation and forming a solid plan of attack
  • Erecting the scaffolding in timely manner to fix the problem
  • Safely dismantling the scaffolding when the job is complete
Emergency Scaffolding in London

Emergency Scaffolding For Domestic, Residential & Commercial Sectors

No Matter What Sector You Require Work In We Have Got You Covered
Maddison Scaffolding is a professional scaffolding company with highly experienced and fully qualified scaffolders, and provides a complete solution for all of your scaffolding requirements in domestic, residential and commercial sectors.

Call us today for to find out more about our emergency scaffolding service or to book a free on-site consultation and quotation.
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